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Continuing Education Lectures 


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February 17:        Dr. Steven Snyder, M.D.

Topic: Identifying Common Skin Lesions and Laser Skin Care

Mt. Washington Conference Center


May 18                    MSDA President Thomas A Becket Visitation

                                Topic: Diagnosing and Testing after Treatment for Sleep Apnea
                                Speaker: Cindy McKane, RDH   Dental Consultant
                                Location: Mt. Washington Conference Center
October 14              Proposed-All Day Endo Seminar: Rotary VS Reciprocal Techniques
                                Location: Mt. Washington Conference Center
                                Stay tuned for details





February 24:          Interdisciplinary Treatment and Patient Management with                                                            Dr. Patrick Ousborne

April 21:                  Nutrition and Nutraceuticals:  An Update for Professionals with Dr. Nasir                                   Bashirelahi

October 21:           Recession Proofing Your Practice with Dr. Myron Mike Kellner    
November 18:       P.A.N.D.A Required Course with Dr. Charles Doring    


February 16:          Computer-Aided Dental Implant Planning with Dr. Leonard Spector 

April 6:                   Nutrition & Nutraceuticals:  An Update for Professionals with Dr. Nasir                                       Bashirelahi 

November  17:      Facial Pain Other Than TMD or Odontalgia with Dr. Edward G. Grace


April 12:                Team Management of Medical Emergencies in the Dental Office with Dr.                                    Julius Hyatt
June 20:               Laser Root Therapy in Periodontics with Dr. Karl Zeren

November 7:        Success and Failure of All Ceramic Restorations with Dr. Flavio Rasetto


February 27:        The Dentist’s Role in the Treatment of Sleep Disorders with Dr. Steven C.                                  Scherr

May 15:                Tax Strategies for the Dentist in Private Practice (not approved for CE                                        credit)

October 2:           Implant Prosthodontics:  My Experience as Surgeon and Prosthodontist

                              with Dr. George C. Whitaker



February 26:       Applying Clinical Science to Challenging Restorative and Emergency                                        Situations  with Dr. Hanae Saito, Dr. Garima K. Talwar, and Dr. Prashant                                    Verma
May 7:                 Update in Oral Radiology with Dr.  Jeffery B. Price

Nov 19:               Topic:  Pharmacology
                            Speaker:  Dr. Bradley Phillips
                            Location:  Radisson Hotel at Cross Keys


February 18:      Topic: Saving Teeth: Clinical Advances in Periodontal Regeneration
                          Speaker: Mark Reynolds, MA, DDS, PhD
October 28:       Topic: The Inspection Process & How to Pass
  Speaker: Ahsan Bhatti, Department of Environment